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Q: Art, please advise me how to get my recorded music at my highest level of excellence possible and how to get it entered in the annual Grammy Awards? — Lisa

A: Lisa, as you can imagine, there's not a simple answer to this one, but let's set up an evaluation, and we can take it from there. Phone 972-285-5441 for an appointment.


Q: Art, please describe the features of your ART GREENHAW SIGNATURE ENSOTEC
guitar cables.  — Cody

A: They're used by me on all our record productions and concerts; email for features, benefits and specs.


Q: Why don't you play acoustic bass with The Doughboys, Art? — Alex

A: We use electric bass guitar because that's what we we prefer! The reasons are: much easier to transport; more bottom and point for our music; The Doughboys pioneered the use of electric guitar in country music stage shows in 1936; Doughboys' member, the late Jim Boyd, is credited in histories as being the first artist to play electric guitar on a country recording; electric bass is a part of our American heritage since Leo Fender introduced the electric bass to guitar manufacturing in the early 1950s; we get a real warm bass sound with my hot-rodded Mosrite stage bass guitar and my Mosrite recording bass guitar.

The Light Crust Doughboys are an electric band in many ways and proud of it... The Doughboys have used electric bass in concert since the 1960s

Our CD Doughboy Rock has both bass guitar and double bass sounds — take a listen and hear what you think!

Photo: Art with his recording (and sometimes  stage) bass guitar, a Gospel Model Mosrite Bass, serial #1!


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Q: What artists had the greatest influence on your career?

A: In gospel music and singing, James Blackwood, Gordon Stoker, Ray Walker (and all the Jordanaires); in guitar, Nokie Edwards, and also to a great extent, his fellow Ventures Bob Bogle and Don Wilson; in piano, my teacher, concert pianist Lucien Leinfelder; in overall pop music appreciation, my dad, Frank, my heroes Smokey Montgomery and the rest of The Light Crust Doughboys, Elvis Presley, and The Beatles.

Photo: Art and biggest guitar influence, Nokie Edwards.

Q&A Photo 2.jpg (11625 bytes) Q: Have you ever thought of entering politics?

A: My college major is political science; my band, The Light Crust Doughboys, is historically associated with the political career of Texas Governor W. Lee (Pappy) O’Daniel; and I grew up studying the platforms of Texas Governor John Connally. I much prefer musicians to politicians, but then again, who knows when Texas will be ready for a guitar-playing Governor?!!!

Photo:Texas Governor, John Connally, congratulating Art on joining The Light Crust Doughboys in 1993.

Q&A Photo 3.jpg (13963 bytes) Q: Have you always been a professional musician?

A: I’ve been a professional musician since the age of 13, although in some years it was a full-time job without a full-time income! For many years my family and I owned and operated a main-street-type hardware store, which by the way, also sold musical instruments. You can still see a lot of that history in our McWhorter-Greenhaw building in Mesquite, Texas.

Photo: Art in front of historic McWhorter-Greenhaw in Mesquite, Texas which now houses the Light Crust Doughboys Hall of Fame/Museum/and Generations Past Antiques.

Q&A Photo 6.jpg (22906 bytes) Q: What are your favorite guitars?

A: Mosrites and the new Light Crust Doughboys Model Rowans.

Photo: Art with an early prototype Nokie model Mosrite guitar, called by builder, Semie Moseley an "N" model, inside the historic McWhorter Greenhaw building in Mesquite, Texas. The display around Art features some of the store’s hardware memorabilia.

Q&A Photo 7.jpg (11755 bytes)
Q: Would you name some of your other creative influences?

A: At the top of the list would have to be pop artist and car king, Ed "Big Daddy" Roth, along with comic book creators Stan Lee, Jack Kirby and Steve Ditko.

Photo: Art and his pop art hero, Ed "Big Daddy" Roth — the father of Rat Fink, master hot rod builder, and creator of the Light Crust Doughboys logo.

Drawing: The cover of 12 year-old Art's Monster Catalog, an Ed "Big Daddy" Roth inspired venture.

Q&A Photo 8.jpg (25004 bytes) Q: What other jobs have you had in music?

A: I’ve always fronted and run pop combos. I worked hundreds of freelance jobs in my teenage years for all types of individuals and businesses like Neiman-Marcus and the parents of rock great Steve Miller; and I was band leader for the Mesquite Opry for several years in the 1980’s and early 1990’s.

Photo: Art upon joining the Mesquite Opry in 1983.


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